Birch Stephens Original Vintage Eames Quadreflex ‘E4’ Speaker

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Product Description

A piece of hi-fi history. This is an original Stephens ‘E4’ Quadreflex speaker designed by Eames and finished in birch and white micarta with black saran grille! The pinnacle of its time, the speaker was one of a series of four produced to revitalize the Stephens corporation and you can see they achieved just this!

The Eames’s were drafted to help design new cabinet housings for the top range hi-fi speakers Stephens offered and, in the typical Eames way, they approached the project with a completely head-on attitude and immersed themselves completely in the product to best produce the best housing for it.

The design draws upon other emerging/new products the Eames Office were producing at the time and also utilized the, now perfected, molded plywood technique seen in their plywood series. This combination resulted in what is perhaps one of the most spectacular and beautiful hi-fi systems even by today’s standards!

Individual Characteristics

The speaker was a real ‘barn find’ and so does show some signs of its age as a result. This age is not too diminishing at all, it is the edging that has seen slightly more of the affects as can be seen in the pictures, but the overall finish is still rather good with the wood only show small areas of it.

The label on the side confirms the speaker’s authenticity but there is no verification that the speaker works.

Investment Details

There is no doubt that the Stephens range of hi-fi systems in the 50s and 60s were some of the most highly rated speakers available and coupled with one of the most iconic design team of the era it is easy to see why these speakers are still very sought after today! This aged, but still good condition example should prove to be a very good investment piece!