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Palace Herman Miller Original Vintage Alexander Girard Environmental Enrichment Panel

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Product Description

Perhaps one of the more famous of Alexander Girard’s Environmental Enrichment Panels, this version is called ‘Palace’ and was designed for Herman Miller in 1972. The wonderful design is made from geometric shapes to create the pattern of a palace which is printed on a square Mexicotton panel.

Alexander Girard was best known for his design of the Fonda Del Sol restaurant in New York in the 1970s, which gained him significant reputation and recognition of a profound mid-century American designer. From interior design to textiles, his work of art remains highly praised and sought after, especially amongst art collectors.

Individual Characteristics 

As with many vintage pieces, this panel shows signs of age, as it has been used and previously owned, therefore colours have slightly faded. The condition of this, however, is still excellent, with no visible wear and tear signs- further images are available upon request. 

This environmental enrichment panel was created in 1972.

The panel measures: 44½ h × 47 w in (113 × 119 cm).

Investment Value 

Many of Alexander Girard's textile panel pieces are highly valuable and are rather rare. Alexander Girard's meticulous silk-screening process has created this spectacular design. This Palace environmental enrichment panel is one of a kind- an investment that will only increase in value over time.