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Elephant Grey Set (4) Herman Miller Original Vintage Eames DSW Dining Side Shell Chairs

Original price €1.692,95 - Original price €1.692,95
Original price
€1.692,95 - €1.692,95
Current price €1.692,95

Product Description

A set of iconic, original, Herman Miller Eames Elephant Grey dining side shells look great on their own dark wood ‘DSW’ dowel bases make great designer chairs! One of the original colours, elephant grey is always popular thanks to its neutral tone allowing it to blend into any modern, classic or mixed environment.

The ability to blend and work in nearly any environment is what secured the fame for this design. The chairs were offered with a wide variety of bases and colours which saw them fit perfectly in any space from home to work to public sector effortlessly! This versatility meant the chairs saw consistent production for over 40 years and has since prompted them to be produced again in fiberglass by Herman Miller.

Individual Characteristics

The chairs are in very good condition for their age. There are no chips or cracks and only a general clean may be needed. The chairs price reflects their good condition.

The patent label on the underside of the shells – this is from a set of 5 so each shell may differ slightly in respects to how much of this is left – dates the shells as being from 1956-1959.

The dowel base was sold with the shells; it is believed to be a reproduction one of medium quality standing, there are aged marks to it.

Investment Details

The investment value of these beautiful chairs depends on many factors: the age and condition of the shell, the rarity of its colour, the age of the base and where the shell was produced. Whilst all of the shell chairs are viable investments, this piece rates higher due to its colour – harking back to the original shells produced.