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Summer sale now on! Just place any item in your basket to enjoy 10% off your order!
Summer sale now on! Just place any item in your basket to enjoy 10% off your order!

Yellow Herman Miller Original George Nelson White Coconut Chair

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Product Description

A very bright and refreshing version of the iconic Nelson Coconut Chair by Herman Miller. This original example is finished in yellow fabric on the white shell. A more modern offering by Herman Miller, the inclusion of a range of coloured fabrics has diversified the coconut chairs’ environmental capabilities.

First designed in 1955, Herman Miller instantly saw the potential this classic design had. The encompassing feel of the sloping corners hugs you into the chair and the bowl like shape of the chair allows you to find almost any position comfortable whilst being enveloped by it.

Individual Characteristics

As a newer example of this stunning chair, the fabric is in great condition with only minor signs of use present – though a bit of clean will make it look better – though the frame, which is painted in the same colour as the shell, does show some slight more signs of use on it.

The label on the underside confirms this is a newer Herman Miller coconut chair.

Investment Value

George Nelson’s designs are world renowned and many of his pieces see great investment value as a result. The coconut chair has definitely become one for fan favourites and never fails to catch people’s eyes. When it comes to determining their investment likelihood, as with many things, the older ones tend to see the greatest investment return, but the newer variants definitely, at least, hold their value well.