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Red Herman Miller Original Eames White RAR Arm Shell Chair

Original price €588,95 - Original price €588,95
Original price
€588,95 - €588,95
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Product Description

A rather comfortable combination, this original Eames Herman Miller white arm chair is finished in red hopsack fabric and sports a newer, used walnut RAR base. This sumptuous finish adds a feeling of warmth and padding to the shell along with a deep red finish which compliments the bright white of the fiberglass shell.

The upholstery options made available for the Eames arm and side shells vastly increased the range and allowed for them to really maintain that strong versatility they had become known for. The range did not just stop at ‘flat’ colours either, there were also a myriad of patterned finishes made available too and you could even provide your own if you wanted to make the chairs truly personal!

Individual Characteristics

As a vintage shell it is in good condition for its age. There are some natural signs of use and its age but the colour is still exceptional and there are no cracks or dents.

The fabric is in a good aged condition, though may have some slight – albeit small – areas of lifting.

The ‘S’ inside the circle on the underside of the shell indicates it was made at Herman Miller’s Summit Plastics factory.

Investment Details

Eames Shells are always a coveted piece, but their investment value is determined by many disciplines. The older the shell, for example, will add to its investment value along with the rarity of the colour, the age of the base and the origin of production. This shell being a great example of a used chair means it should already be a reasonable investment piece and it should steadily appreciate.