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Summer sale now on! Just place any item in your basket to enjoy 10% off your order!
Summer sale now on! Just place any item in your basket to enjoy 10% off your order!

White Herman Miller Original Vintage Eames DSW Side Shell Chair

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€393,95 - €393,95
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Product Description

Where can an original white Eames Herman Miller side chair on a used black DSW base be used? The versatility of the vintage shell says it can be anywhere. White is the perfect neutral colour for any design and with its wonderfully contrasting black base, it is a great example of a statement piece and iconic design.

The success of these chairs has been proven by the continuous production time they have seen. From their origin in the 1950s, new bases, upholstered variants and even adapted variants such as the La Fonda ensured these chairs have cemented themselves in the history books with their iconic and versatile design. Upholstered versions were introduced in the late 1950s when Alexander Girard was commissioned to help design them and new bases found their way under the shells over the many years they have been produced.

Individual Characteristics

The shell is in a rather aged condition and displays a rough finish on the surface from where the original gel coating has been slightly worn away. This has not exposed fibers, but has left it rough to the touch. There are no signs of chips or dents on the body of the shell but the edges have natural wear expected with age and the white has not been faded over time. There is some age shown through some ingrained dirt, but this can be reduced with a bit of cleaning.

The ‘S’ inside the circle indicates this shell originates from Herman Miller’s Summit Plastics Factory.

Investment Details

The investment value of the shell top series depends upon many factors such as the age of the shell, the age of the base, the rarity of the shell colour, the factory of origin and, of course, the condition. The vintage condition of this shell should mean it proves to be a good project which should become a reasonable investment piece.