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White Knoll Original Eero Saarinen Round Laminate 137 Tulip Table

Original price €2.371,95 - Original price €2.371,95
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€2.371,95 - €2.371,95
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Product Description

The iconic Saarinen Tulip Table couldn’t be any more impressive than this original Knoll 137 round white laminate example waiting to grace your dining room. An undoubted classic, this staple design has adorned the houses of many fortunate people and this popularity has seen the continued production to this very day.

Not much more really needs to be said about this history of this design goliath. The sheer elegance of the design simply means it works in basically any style in any building, modern, retro, minimalist, the list goes on but this table still remains. All that is left to be said is, is this table soon to be yours?

Individual Characteristics

The table was purchased from a private individual who used the table as an occasional office desk in their home. Subsequently, the use it has seen has been very minimal considering its age with only light signs of use being present across its surface.

The beautiful stem base is the same with little to no signs of scuff marks around its edge from resting feet.

The remnants of the label can be seen, but sadly it has very much deteriorated.

Investment Details

The Saarinen tulip series is an exceptionally well-known design and this popularity, and highly premium quality, has always seen them to be great investment pieces. Though still produced today, vintage variants still command a very reasonable investment value and interest and this superb table will not let you down.