Orange Marmalade Set (6) Herman Miller Original White Eames DSR Side Shell Chairs

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Product Description

These used, original, Eames for Herman Miller DSR Side Shell Chairs with warm marmalade fabric coating the creamy white side shell to create a splendid chairs. As a resplendent upholstered version, this iconic version of the classic Eames DSR chair makes the perfect home office or dining side chair.

The upholstered versions of the Eames shells were designed with the help of the Eames’s great personal friend Alexander Girard, who became the head of textiles at Herman Miller and introduced the Eameses to Herman Miller.

Herman Miller faithfully reintroduced the fiberglass shell and with it maintained the upholstered options for them. The options available are still numerous, available in various fabrics in various colors.

Individual Characteristics

This particular piece is in good condition, however, as with many vintage pieces, it is completely normal for this chair to have a few scratches and minor marks. The fabric may need some further cleaning- images are available upon request.

The Herman Miller and the ‘S’ Summit logo indicated that it was produced around late 1959-1989.

Investment Value

An Eames shell is a coveted piece. A simultaneous artistic piece whilst being an ergonomic design has helped maintain their interest. Of course, factors such as age, condition and even color can affect how much interest these pieces gain with original Zenith pieces commanding a respectable price. Not to mention the discounted price for a pair or the sets- a very worth-while investment.