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Beige Herman Miller Vintage Original Eames Black PKW-2 Wire Swivel Chair

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Product Description

Perhaps the most coveted bases in the Eames collection, this original covered wire side chair for Herman Miller is sat on its original ‘Seng’ swivel dowel base! Known as the PKW-2; this combination was only available for a very small period of time which makes it one of the most collectible chairs in the Eames series!

The wire version of the iconic shell chair was released in 1951, creating a nice trio of available finishes of chairs – plywood (DCW, LCW), fiberglass and metal – for customers. The introduction of upholstery options for the fiberglass and for the wire chairs meant personalization could be achieved. The earliest upholstered options were designed as ‘slip-on’ covers, enabling the customer to change the colour they wanted when they chose – but were finished with leather edges rather than the later rubber edging which is more commonly known.

The dowel base itself was only made available for a short period of time, which was the same for the swivel option, even though they have become perhaps one of the most widely recognized bases in the furniture world.

Individual Characteristics

The wire frame construction is in good vintage condition. It has aged well but some signs of use and age are evident.

The dowel base is in great condition for its age, especially with considering how rare and old it is, and the small ‘Seng’ logo can be seen pressed into the underside of it.

The label on the underside of the upholstery section of the wire top confirms its authenticity.

Investment Details

The Eames wire chair is just as coveted as the fiberglass shell chairs, being of the same family. Vintage versions with their original upholstery can really command a high investment value. This is a particularly excellent example sat on an original, and very rare, swivel dowel base and it should therefore prove to be a very good investment piece.