Black Herman Miller Original Eames Upholstered Greige DSW Side Shell Chair

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Product Description

A vintage Eames Herman Miller Greige side shell chair is emboldened by its original Alex Girard designed black upholstery and newer, used black DSW dowel base. A classic and very sleek look, the all-black finish creates an iconic chair that is extremely stylish and still super modern.

The Eames shells require little introduction with prototypes beginning in the 1940s, production began in 1950. Arm shells were the first to be produced and the side shells were introduced in 1952/1953.

Alexander Girard was commissioned to help design a wide variety of upholstery finishes for both the side and arm shells, providing an alternative to the standard fiberglass shells and expanding the buying options for these chairs.

Individual Characteristics

The side shell is in a used condition for its age with only some light marking expected with age. The fabric is a little more aged with some slight lifting and with some aged dirt in it, but an hour or so of cleaning will help reduce this.

The ‘S’ stamp signifies the shell originates from the Summit Herman Miller factory.

Investment Details

The Eames shells are a great investment piece, but many factors affect how valuable they are. The origin of the shell, its age and even the colour can have an effect on its value. The great combination of the upholstery and shell on this particular chair aids with its investment value.

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