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Black Herman Miller Original Vintage Eames Black RAR Rocking Arm Chair

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Product Description

This is an excellent example of an original Herman Miller Eames black arm shell chair finished in gorgeous black upholstery sat on a used, newer walnut RAR base. A fine example of a design icon. Finished in all black with only the walnut runners to add a splash of colour in it, this is the classic design piece!

The arm shell was the first of the shells to be produced and came in one of four colours, yellow, parchment, greige and elephant hide grey. The shell gained popularity and, after some years in production, Herman Miller opened up the option for contract colours; colours that could be supplied when a large order was placed. The introduction of upholstered versions, with the help of Alexander Girard, increased the available options dramatically and, ever forward thinking, Herman Miller also allowed customers to supply their own fabrics to finish their chosen shells in.

Individual Characteristics

The chair is old, the padding under the fabric may reflect this and the fabric itself may be coming away in a few places, but the shell is in great vintage condition with no cracks, dents or dings.

The ‘C’ with the five pointed star indicates this is a Herman Miller shell produced in their Cincinnati Plastics factory between 1965 and 1978.

Investment Value

The Eames fiberglass shell series have always captured the public’s interest and this has always helped to see them be great collector’s pieces. As functional, stylish pieces, they can be used and enjoyed whilst, majoritively, retaining their value rather well. This is a great example of an original vintage shell on a newer, used, RAR base and it should prove to be a reasonable investment piece.