Black Laminate Herman Miller Original Vintage Eames LTR Side Table

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Product Description

A rather rugged looking original, vintage, Herman Miller Eames black laminated LTR Little Table Rod zinc base will make a great restorative collectors project! The classic little table has been a popular choice for homeowners and businesses alike and has been the case since it has been around since 1950!

The LTR table was one of the earliest table introductions by the Eames’s and was the perfect ‘occasional’ table and even a stool! Black laminate was one of the earliest options available and made for a suave finish for the table

Individual Characteristics

This little LTR has endured a bit of a hard life; the laminate is a little chipped in places and it does have quite a bit of fading and scuffing on the top too. The rod base is similarly aged with some small rusting along the bottom occurring, though this could be eased with some polishing. The pictures show it to be a little disconnected in one place, but this has been resolved and it is now back to how it should be.

There are the remnants of its original label on the underside of the table top which looks like the original checkerboard ‘half label’ which the early LTR tables were adorned with.

Investment Details

Eames products always gain a lot of respect and interest. The extent to which their designing capabilities reached is remarkable and as a result their work is highly regarded. As with many things, interest value is usually higher for aged original variants with their condition and origin being main factors which determine how much interest they gain. Being an early example, this LTR does pack a small investment punch, but its condition does slightly let this down; a good, careful, restoration should see it at least redeem some of its entitled status.