Black Leather Herman Miller Eames EA338 Alu Group Executive Lounge Chair

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Product Description

An example of a rather unique Eames Herman Miller black leather Eames EA338 Alu Group Executive Lounge Chair on reclining castor base is in very good condition. This premium chair also comes with a matching ottoman, making this Aluminium Lounge chair the perfect addition to your living room or work area. 

The Aluminium range from the Eames Office was a truly impactful design. Versions of the chairs are still used in many offices across the globe and the lounge-style chair proves to be just as popular. This version is a more formal lounge chair than the iconic lounge chair and ottoman but this offers the additional luxury of tilt functionality and the means to roll around on its original castors.

Individual Characteristics

The leather on the chair is in excellent condition and has reached that nicely supple point. The aluminium arms and bases are in perfect condition with only natural signs of wear reflective of the age of the chair. The ottoman is also in very good condition, with no marks or cracks. 

The stamp is of an Aluminium patented stamp, meaning it was manufactured from 1985. 

Investment Details

Aluminium Group office chairs in condition such as these always retain a highly desirable status and never depreciate in value. They will always be a fine investment as they are always so popular and in-demand.