Black on Black Plastic Set (4) Vitra Original Eames DSR Effiel Side Chair

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Product Description

These original used Black on Black plastic Vitra Eames dining side chairs come on a newer iconic Vitra Eames Eiffel bases making a modern example of this design. These chairs have a smart matte finish, a very modern piece for those wanting to renovate their offices or even their home space.

Vitra achieved the rights to sell Eames products within Europe and, with Herman Miller’s initial assistance, produced their products within Europe to sell as such. They now produce the products by themselves, still distributing within Europe and also Asia.

The plastic version of the shell was introduced in the 1990s when plastic was becoming more widely used. Plastic meant the tops were still as sturdy, and importantly, as easy to mold as the original fiberglass versions.

Individual Characteristics

The chairs are in good condition, with some signs of usage, there are a few scratches on the shells- further images are available upon request. The logo and label confirm they are a Vitra manufactured product. From the condition of the shells, it appears to be a relatively newer style chair.  

Investment Details

The investment value of the shell chair series depends upon many factors such as the age of the shell, the age of the base, the rarity of the shell colour, the factory of origin and, of course, the condition. As a newer variant of the iconic shell produced in plastic, its investment value is not rated highly, but it will prove to be some very sturdy and reliable chairs. The price for these chairs fantastic if you consider that the Eiffel base is newer.