Black Pair (2) Herman Miller Original Vintage Eames DKR Wired Side Chair

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Product Description

An example of a pair of used, original Herman Miller Eames Wired DKR model side shell chairs, paired with an iconic black Effiel base. The chairs are completely made out of metal wiring and can be very much customizable, for instance, it can be paired with many upholstered options if you would like to add some colors and patterns to the chair. As a stand-alone chair, it is very iconic and unique in its own rights. 

The wired version was manufactured for Herman Miller by Banner Metals of Compton company. The all-wired version of the DKR chair can also be paired with upholstery, and many of the upholstery designs were later made by Alexander Girard, and it comes in a variety of colors and fabrics. 

Individual Characteristics

This used, black DKR is in excellent condition, with no major signs of usage on the wire. The black Effiel base remains in good used condition and is still very much stable. Further images are available upon request. 

From the condition and the type of the dining chair, this DKR chair was manufactured around 1950s. 

Investment Details

Eames shell chairs vary in their investment interest depending on many factors. The main few are the age, condition, colour, and origin of the shell alongside whether it is on its original base. This Black upholstered DKR chair is unique in its own rights and a worth-while investment.