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Black & Rosewood Herman Miller Original Vintage Eames Lounge Chair

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Product Description

The classic and iconic combination, a vintage, early black leather and gorgeous rosewood Eames for Herman Miller Lounge chair with original down-filled cushions. The collector’s dream, the original finish for this fantastic piece, the down-filled cushions mark this as an early example sat on the rich rosewood panelling.

First introduced in 1956, the Herman Miller Eames lounge chair was offered as both a single item and along with its famed ottoman, originally sold separately. It was only later that Herman Miller decided to offer them as a complete set as standard which is how they have been sold ever since.

Individual Characteristics

This lounge chair is a good example of an all original early example. The leather is soft and supple and shows little signs of major wearing whilst the wood has the wonderful finish one comes to expect with some light, surface based, aging present.

The patent label on the underside of the chair indicates this was produced in 1964 by Herman Miller.

Investment Value

The Eames lounge chair and ottoman set was produced as a luxurious chair and was sold as such, however, its famed build quality and superior materials has meant they have become excellent investment pieces. This chair is in good condition and would make for an excellent original lounge chair. It should still see some slow investment value over time.