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Black Vinyl Herman Miller Vintage Original Eames Light Tone PAC Arm Shell Chair

Original price £375.00 - Original price £375.00
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£375.00 - £375.00
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Product Description

A beautiful, black vinyl Eames Herman Miller light tone arm shell chair is presented here on its original PAC swivel contract base perfect for any home office. The addition of the vinyl cover adds a cushioned layer to the already comfortable design of the classis Eames shell and was designed by Alexander Girard.

With early designs beginning back in the 1940s, Charles and Ray’s fiberglass series really have accomplished their dream of designing a chair not only for the masses but that can be used for a wide variety of environments. The earlier chairs are defined by their highly ‘fibrous’, natural finish with later versions displaying a bolder finish to the colour.

Individual Characteristics

The chair is an aged vintage condition but is still a great example. The vinyl does display some slightly deeper marks and some lifting in some areas, but is still quite a nice finish. The shell has aged better with no cracks or dents in it.

The original base is in a good vintage condition with only surface marks and scuffs shown; all feet are present and the swivel still works.

The ‘C’ with the star logo indicates this is a Herman Miller shell produced in their Cincinnati factory.

Investment Details

Eames Shells are always a coveted piece, but their investment value is determined by many disciplines. The older the shell, for example, will add to its investment value along with the rarity of the colour, the age of the base and the origin of production. With this being an upholstered version of the iconic chair, the investment value is not as great as others, but it will still prove to be a reasonable one in its all original state.