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Black Vitra Original Eames EA217 ‘Soft Pad’ Desk Aluminium Chair

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Product Description

The iconic Eames EA217 soft pad chair was as much known in Europe as it was in America. This Vitra version features the much sought-after gas height adjustment! Finished in the classic black leather on the chromed finish, this stylish – and comfortable – chair is simply waiting for you to spend hours working away in it.

The worldwide recognition the Eames aluminium group gained helped propel the series to fame. Being produced in one format or another since its introduction in 1958, Vitra and Herman Miller have continued to provide examples which excel in the home work space or office space environment with their stylish, formal and comfortable design.

Individual Characteristics

The chairs came from a conference room in an office in London and have barely been used as a result. The brief moments they have been used may have left ever-so-slight signs of this, but they are in very good condition even showing little to no wear on the edges (which is a common place for these to show wear and tear).

The fabric back is also good with no sagging in it.

The chrome work is the area that may show the slight signs of use, if any, but a good polish over will make them sparkle again.

The label on the top of the back rest confirms the chairs are original Vitra examples and we were informed they were purchased in the early 2000s as brand new items.

Investment Details

The newer examples of the Eames aluminium group, in terms of production, are generally slower to appreciate due to their still being produced. This tends to mean that, though they will hold their value, they will not appreciate quickly but they will always be sought-after office chairs.