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Blue Herman Miller Original Eames EA316 ‘Ribbed’ Aluminium Lounge Chair

Original price $966.00 - Original price $966.00
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Product Description

A lovely royal blue fabric original, vintage Herman Miller Eames ‘EA316’ aluminium lounge chair is a bold yet impressive piece to add to your own lounge space! The deep blue of the fabric looks regal on the beautiful shine of the aluminium whilst creating that edge of colour that any modern or retro living space needs.

The aluminium range has always been popular since it was first introduced in 1958 and it is easy to see why. The lounge chair version is the premium option within this line-up offering the comfort the office/desk chair was famed to provide in a more relaxed manner. The ‘ribbed’ version of the chair is the classic version of the design and yet finished in a bolder colour it really does help keep the design fresh and modern.

Individual Characteristics

The chair does display signs of its age but the fabric is not sagging. The aluminium does have more areas of aging to it with some slight pitting and the arms are showing some plastic peeling which can be common with the Aluminium group. The price does reflect the chairs condition.

The patent stamp on the underside of the chair suggests it was produced between the years 1960-1978 by Herman Miller.

Investment Details

The aluminium range have always retained a good value, mainly helped by their original, high, starting price. The lounge variant has always been regarded as the ‘premium’ option and so the naturally higher value for these does help with their investment value. This particular example is in an aged condition, but with some gentle care and attention it can gleam once again and has the potential to be a good investment piece.