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Blue Pair (2) Herman Miller Vintage Original Eames Upholstered DAT-1 Desk Chairs

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Product Description:

The perfect all round desk chair! These all original blue upholstered white Eames Herman Miller DAT-1 desk chairs with height and tilt adjustability and castors! Ideal for both the home and office environment, the compact yet comfortable design makes these the perfect, and stylish, choice to make!

The DAT was then joined by the PAC and PACC, which are variants of the same base but detracting the tilt ability from them. This is what makes this version of the chair so much more special!

Individual Characteristics

The blue vinyl is in a good vintage condition with no rips or tears whilst the bright white shells are in a similarly well aged.

The original DAT bases still function perfectly with all wheels present, rolling perfectly and both the height and tilt adjustability too.

The ‘S’ inside the circle on the underside of the shells indicate they are original Herman Miller examples produced in their Summit Plastics factory.

Investment Details

The Eames fiberglass shell series is a highly coveted and widely collected piece of design. The arm and side shells have gained worldwide interest and has helped see them be re-introduced by Herman Miller in 2013. With respects to the vintage variants, many factors can affect the investment value of the piece; its age and factory of origin, its condition and even its colour. The good condition and slightly rarer base will help see these chairs be a good investment prospect.