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Brown Herman Miller Original Eames DSR Side Shell Chair

Original price £325.00 - Original price £325.00
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£325.00 - £325.00
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Product Description

This is an original, vintage, cushioned version of a brown vinyl Eames black side shell chair for Herman Miller upon its newer, used black DSR Eiffel base. A more unique version of this chair, it sits between the standard fiberglass and upholstered variants in its style with its extra padded cushion on the backrest.

The Eames shells originally begin as standard fiberglass shells which were first made available in the ‘arm’ variant and then the ‘side’ version was introduced too. Due to their popularity, Herman Miller introduced upholstered versions with the design helpings of Alexander Girard. It was also possible, when ordered in large quantities, to specifically request certain finishes and style of finish to the shells, which is where this variant was introduced.

Individual Characteristics

The vintage shell is in a good aged condition, though there are some natural marks to the vinyl due to its age, but there are no cuts or tears.

The ‘S’ within the circle indicates this shell was produced at Herman Miller’s Summit Plastics factory.

Investment Details

The Eames shell chair collection is a widely coveted and collected design. As with many things, however, there are numerous factors which determine the investment value of the particular piece. The age, condition and originality of the chair play a part in this as does the colour. With this being a more unique version of the shell chair collection, it should be a rather interesting investment piece.