Green Herman Miller Vintage Eames White La Fonda Dining Arm Chair

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Product Description

The Eames La Fonda dining chair is a very iconic piece and this example is an all original, vintage, Herman Miller piece upholstered in a green naugahyde vinyl! The vinyl has endured a bit of a hard life, but the striking combination of the green on the white shell mixed with the grey base creates an excellent chair!

The beauty of these chairs is in the numerous combinations that were available for it. The upholstery options were plentiful and mixed between fabric and vinyl choices. The vinyl option really lets the chair live up to the expectations it had; to be used in a restaurant, due to the easily cleanable surface!

Individual Characteristics

As described, the vinyl has endured a hard life and does show some signs of tears along the stitching; but this may well be repairable. This is one of the only factors that slightly diminishes this otherwise wonderful chair; the shell is not cracked and the edging of the vinyl is still on firmly. The price does reflect the chairs condition.

The original base is missing a foot.

Investment Details

The Eames shell series are very sought-after items no matter what guise they are in, side shell, arm shell or La Fonda arm shell. Much like the ‘standard’ versions of the shells, the investment value of the La Fonda series varies depending on aspects such as condition, colour and originality. Sadly, with the small amount of wear this chair will not be winning any prizes; however, as an all original chair, it should still hold its value.