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Lemon Yellow Herman Miller Original Vintage Eames DSW Side Shell Chair

Original price €225.00 - Original price €225.00
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€225.00 - €225.00
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Product Description

A used, original vintage Herman Miller lemon yellow Eames fiberglass shell, completed with a newer, used, beautiful walnut dowel base, the perfect dining chair. As one of the original 6 colours, this sweet yellow is a rather rare find, and it will make a perfect addition to your dining room.

The Eames shells were produced in the 1950s, with early prototypes of the armchairs beginning in the late 1940s and have continued to be a highly popular piece of art and furniture. The earlier versions of the arm and side shells are defined by their highly fibrous finish whilst later versions displayed a bolder colour. 

Individual Characteristics

This particular used original lemon yellow shell is in a very good condition, with a few marks on the edges, a normal occurrence consistent with its age and usage. The actual chair itself differs slightly from the picture, as it is of a slightly brighter, lighter, lemon yellow, further images are available upon request and before purchase. 

The dowel base remains in excellent condition and provides good stability. 

Investment Details

The Eames shells range in their investment value depending upon many factors. The condition, age, colour and even origin of the shell can affect the price of each shell. As this is one of the original colours its investment value is more reasonable than some shells and it should see a steady increase over time.