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Lemon Yellow Herman Miller Vintage Original Eames RAR Rocking Arm Chair

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Product Description

This is a wonderful example of a beautiful, original, lemon yellow, Eames Herman Miller fiberglass arm shell on a used, modern conscience RAR rocking chair base. One of the most iconic colours, this lemon yellow arm shell has retained an excellent colour and looks perfect sat on its used, modern conscience, RAR base.

One of the six original colours, this is a great example of the lemon yellow as much as it was intended to be. The consistency of the colour was one of the aims the Eames’s had when designing and dreaming up these shells. The light, airy design was a revolutionary approach along with the ability to add colour to the design was ahead of its time and is why they saw, and remain to see, such constant popularity.

Individual Characteristics

The colour consistency and condition of this shell is excellent considering the age of it. There are no cracks or dents present and the shell is rather clean too.

The used Modern Conscience rocking base is in a good used condition. The zinc finish of the rocking base does show some small pitting and minor aging, but a good clean and polish will bring it back up. The wood has stood the test of time better.

The double triangle on the underside of the shell indicates this was produced by Herman Miller through the GATC factory between 1959 and 1962.

Investment Details

The Eames fiberglass series has seen constant popularity since their introduction in 1949. The revolutionary design and mass availability has seen them become quite the collector’s piece; with age, condition and even the colour being defining factors as to how collectors rate them. Though not the oldest example, the depth of colour and condition of this shell will help it to be a good investment piece.