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Magenta Herman Miller Original Vintage Eames DSR Side Shell Chair

Original price £1,745.00 - Original price £1,745.00
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£1,745.00 - £1,745.00
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Product Description

Magenta. The colour is perhaps one that is seldom used, but with this original Herman Miller Eames DSR side shell chair you know there is somewhere just for it. A highly desirable colour, which is still strong and vibrant, the condition of this chair is excellent and the contrast of the silver DSR base is brilliant.

The rich, deep colour of this shell is something that all collector’s look for and this shell does not disappoint. The dying process improved over the years as Herman Miller perfected it and this chair is the prime example of the point when they perfected it.

Individual Characteristics

The shell is in excellent vintage condition with only minor signs of age. The colour is exceptionally strong and consistent.

The ‘S’ inside the circle indicates this is Herman Miller shell produced in their Summit Plastics factory.

Investment Details

Investment value is determined by many factors, especially when it comes to Eames fiberglass shells. Age, condition and colour are the main ones when it comes to determining the desirability of them. Being a highly sought-after colour, and in such great condition, this will prove to be a great investment piece.