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Navy Blue Herman Miller Original Eames DSR Dining Side Shell Chair

Original price £345.00 - Original price £345.00
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£345.00 - £345.00
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Product Description

An original new, used navy blue Eames Herman Miller fiberglass DSR dining side chair brings back the classic feel of the fiberglass look with the spidery finish. Sat on its silver, used, DSR base, the depth of the blue is contrasted nicely whilst bringing out the highly sought-after, and iconic, fiberglass strands.

Herman Miller faithfully reintroduced fiberglass as a material for the Eames shell series after using polypropylene for a number of years. Though deemed to be better for the environment, the fiberglass finish gives the shell an extra edge which can only be achieved by using it.

Individual Characteristics

As a newer shell, the condition is rather good with only some light abrasions around the edging.

The newer, used, base is in a good condition too.

The label on the underside indicates this is a newer Herman Miller example from post 2010.

Investment Details

Eames Shell Chairs vary from 1 to 5 stars for investment. The reasons depend on so many factors but mainly the condition, the rarity of the colour, the originality of the base, the age and of course the factory of origin are some that can affect the value greatly. This being a newer example will not see the investment value be very high at the moment, but it is a great chair to own and enjoy.