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Ochre Herman Miller Vintage Eames DSW Dining Side Shell Chair

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£375.00 - £375.00
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Product Description

This dark ochre, original, vintage Eames fiberglass side shell for Herman Miller is sat on its newer, used, maple DSW dowel base makes the perfect dining chair! Being a more common colour, the aging of these shells is what defines their collectability. Though more aged, the depth of colour in this shell is great!

The shells were initially produced in 4 colours but with their success, more colours were made available. Dark ochre, especially like this example, was introduced and proved to also be a success. Once Herman Miller took complete control of the production process, more colours were made available thus helping to establish the success the Eames shell chairs saw.

Individual Characteristics

The shell is in an aged condition with some small chips in the seat surface, the colour is great, though a little lighter than the listing photographs, and the general condition of the shell is pretty good for a vintage piece. Further images can be provided upon request.

The ‘S’ inside the circle embossed logo on the underside of the shell indicates this is a Summit Plastics Herman Miller shell.

Investment Details

Eames shells vary in terms of investment value due to so many factors. The age, origin and colour of the shell coupled with its condition are key aspects along with the originality of the base the shell is upon. This particular shell is a little aged, but the colour is still rather strong meaning it should still be a reasonable investment piece.