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Olive Green Herman Miller Original Vintage Eames DSW Dining Side Chair

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Product Description

This gorgeous olive green, original, Eames Herman Miller DSW dining side chair on used, newer walnut DSW dowel base looks amazing in its great vintage condition! The rich colour combination complement each other perfectly and means the chair will either sit as a defining statement piece in your home or gently blend in!

The colour was a later inclusion in the offerings made by Herman Miller but it has retained its popularity even now. Often mistaken for Kelly Green, the colour is actually darker in its finish giving it a richer feel to it. Herman Miller’s introduction of new colours helped to keep the Eames shells relevant in a rapidly changing world and their doing so helped ensure the fiberglass shell series saw constant popularity as a result.

Individual Characteristics

The side top is in good vintage condition. There are some natural marks expected with being 50+ years old but it is good considering this.

The ‘C’ with the five pointed star indicates this is a shell from Herman Miller’s Cincinnati Milicron factory.

Investment Details

The investment value of the Eames’s beautiful chairs depends on many factors: the age and condition of the shell, the rarity of its colour, the age of the base and where the shell was produced. The fiberglass shells have always seen constant interest and the condition and colour of this shell will help it be a reasonable investment piece.