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Olive Green Herman Miller Original Vintage Eames Greige RAR Rocking Arm Chair

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Product Description

A rather handsome, original, olive green vinyl Eames greige for Herman Miller fiberglass shell chair makes a great combination with the used RAR light oak base. Upholstered finishes, designed by Alexander Girard, created an extra level of customization for the popular Eames fiberglass shell offering more colour choices.

Alexander Girard was famed for his textile design and, being good friends with the Eames’s, he was only too happy to lend his design prowess to their, already popular, fiberglass shell series. The finishes that were created varied from fabric, to vinyl, to even a clever combination of the two and the colours and patterns were numerous which meant the choice the customer had was enormous!

Individual Characteristics

The arm top is in a good vintage condition though this does not mean to say it is perfect. The vinyl shows more of the age with some minor nicks, scuffs and abrasions though the shell itself has stood the test of time better with less evidence of age present.

The ‘S’ inside the circle denotes that this shell originates from the Summit Plastics factory Herman Miller used as one of its main producers for the fiberglass shell chair series.

Investment Details

The investment value of the Eames’s beautiful chairs depends on many factors: the age and condition of the shell, the rarity of its colour, the age of the base and where the shell was produced. Whilst all of the shell chairs are viable investments, being an slightly more aged example of this iconic design will see this only be a low level investment piece which allows you to truly enjoy the chair for the people.