Red Herman Miller Original Eames DSW Dining Side Shell Chair

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Product Description

What a simply fantastic chair! This excellent example of an original Eames red DSW side chair for Herman Miller is in great vintage condition and looks amazing. Coupled with the deep black newer, used, dowel base, it creates that perfect combination of a rich red on bold black that works in nearly any environment!

As the shell chair’s popularity grew, Herman Miller introduced new colours, expanding the versatility of the chairs. Red was one of the colours introduced which, through the refined dyeing process, was an excellent finish with its rich deep colour. The highly fibrous finish of the shell indicates it is an older version and they help with the distinctive finish of the shell.

Individual Characteristics

The shell is in great vintage condition. The deep colour is gorgeous though there are natural signs of wear consistent with its age and some interesting patina finish through aging present meaning this shell has a very unique character it is waiting to bring to your chosen location!

The newer, used, black DSW base is in good condition too with some minor signs of use around the bottom of the legs.

The ‘C’ with the star on the underside of the shell indicates it originates from Herman Miller’s Cincinnati Milacron factory. The remains of the patent label on the underside of the shell indicates this shell was produced between 1964-1978. Please be aware, as there are a number of these shells the presence of the patent label may vary from shell to shell.

Investment Details

The Eames shell chair collection has fast become highly coveted pieces. Of course, as with most vintage pieces, their age, originality and condition can all affect the investment value of them. The shell chairs are also influenced by their colour. Being a great example of a deep red shell – which is rather hard to find – this chair should be a reasonable investment piece.