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Seafoam 1st Generation Zenith Vintage Original Eames RAR Rocking Arm Chair

Original price £1,425.00 - Original price £1,425.00
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£1,425.00 - £1,425.00
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Product Description

The pinnacle of the Eames collector’s dream. This all original, vintage, first generation Zenith Seafoam RAR arm chair is a sublime addition to any collection. The shell is in its original condition and is sat on an original RAR rocking base too which really ensures this is a great piece to own!

One of the first colours the iconic shell chair was produced in, this chair is so iconic and is highly coveted as a result. The distinctive rope edge and highly fibrous finish of the shell is always a good sign that the shell is a first generation one produced by Zenith Plastics. The shell would then be finished off with large shock mounts and the famed checkerboard label.

Individual Characteristics

The shell is aged, there is a small crack in the one arm and the patina has meant the colour has aged differently to other examples, but these characteristics give it a unique charm. Further pictures can be supplied.

The original RAR base is well used, giving it the character only used wood can provide. It is still strong and sturdy with only some wear on the frame, consistent with its age.

The rope and large shock mounts help indicate this is an original first generation Zenith shell.

Investment Details

Eames Side Shells are great investment pieces, but how much of an investment pieces relies upon multiple factors; the age of the shell, the rarity of the colour, the manufacturer, the originality of the base and, of course, the condition of the shell. This chair ticks all of the boxes to be a truly great investment piece. Being a first generation Zenith shell this is automatically the shell chair to be interested in. Its age may affect the investment value slightly, but being all original and seafoam, it shouldn’t impact too much.