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Seafoam Herman Miller Vintage Original Eames RAR Rocking Arm Chair

Original price £795.00 - Original price £795.00
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Product Description

Perhaps the most iconic colour the Eames fiberglass shell chair was produced in, this original seafoam Herman Miller RAR rocking chair is just oozing with style! One of the original six colours, it is easy to see why this is one of the most popular choices amongst collectors and this should prove to be one of them!

The compact design of this classic chair means it can bring the comfort of a rocking chair to any size space you need making it more versatile than the standard, bulky, rocking chairs you tend to find. The rocking chair was one of the earliest offerings in the Eames fiberglass series and, though they stopped production for sale in 1968, it still proves to be a very popular choice for the Eames aficionado.

Individual Characteristics

The colour of the shell is a little aged, being a bit more faded than some examples, but this has helped give this shell its very own character which also accentuates the fibrous finish of it.

Sadly it does have a small crack in the front of the seat section which has gone fully through. The price does reflect this.

The three dots with the small Z indicate that this shell was produced by 3M for Herman Miller between 1955 and 1957.

Investment Details

Eames Side Shells are great investment pieces, but how much of an investment pieces relies upon multiple factors; the age of the shell, the rarity of the colour, the manufacturer, the originality of the base and, of course, the condition of the shell. The condition of the shell is a little aged which detracts a little from the investment value, but as a homely piece, this rocker is perfect!