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Steel Knoll Vintage Harry Bertoia Black Cover 428 Wire Barstool

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Product Description

Perhaps one of the most iconic designs of the mid-century era, the Bertoia 428 wire barstool was part of a collection offered by Knoll and saw great success. This version is complete with full black ‘boucle’ fabric covering, original factory constructed, to provide an extra edge to this classic stool’s design.

The Bertoia ‘stool’ was part of a range of chairs Bertoia designed using the wire frame, sculpted finish, echoing from his strong interest in sculpting. The finished results are, arguably, the first versions of ‘ergonomic’ design; design that fits the bodies form and allows for the greatest possible comfort which can be provided by the materials used.

In the collection, Bertoia also created the iconic ‘wire chair’ along with the highly sought after ‘Diamond chair’ and ‘Bird chair’. The stool came in two different guises, the bar height option, which this one is, or the counter height option which was a slightly smaller offering.

Individual Characteristics

The original steel frame is in a good aged condition with some slight pit marks on the legs, but this may be removable with a good metal polish

The black ‘boucle’ fabric cover is full of character and appears to be a little faded with time adding to this feel. The clips are fully present and makes this cover easily removable if you prefer.

The label on the underside of the cushion helps distinguish this as an original piece and dates it as being from 2001.

Investment Details

Bertoia’s work is highly coveted and his pieces can prove to be great investment pieces. The age of the barstool, of course, affects the investment value of it, along with its condition and this particular item should appreciate steadily.