Tan Herman Miller Original Vintage Eames 675 Time Life Executive Lounge Chair

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Product Description

One of the most ‘executive’ of the Eames chairs; this is a great original example of a Herman Miller 675 Time Life Lobby Lounge Chair in a beautiful tan finish! This version of the famous lobby chair was widened and given a laid back seating position to really give it that lounge feel completed with the leather finish!

This was the first iteration of the iconic ‘Lobby Chair’ which saw the stylish design later echoed in the more commonly found 3474 desk chair that adorned many of the offices of the Time Life building. The lounge version was produced to cater for the reception spaces of the building and was also offered in a slightly narrower version labelled the 3475 model which also offered height adjustability.

Individual Characteristics

This is a truly exceptional example of an all original 675 Time Life ‘Lobby’ Lounge chair. The leather does show some small signs of age, there is a very small cut in one of the cushions, but it is otherwise in an excellent vintage condition and so are the arms – which have a tendency to go on pieces as old as this.

The swivel mechanism is perfect and it still has all of its feet too!

The black label on the underside of the chair indicates this wonderful Herman Miller piece was produced between 1970 and 1984.

Investment Value

The Eames range, no matter what it is, always catch the eye of many investors and collectors, but certain factors always help raise interest further; colour, condition, age and originality are amongst these contributing factors. In its rather distinctive colour and great vintage condition, this particular lounge lobby chair should be a very good investment piece.