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Tan Knoll Original Vintage Mies Van Der Rohe Barcelona chair

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£3,495.00 - £3,495.00
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Product Description

One of the most recognised designs. This all original Knoll Mies Van Der Rohe Barcelona Chair is finished in wonderful tan leather and the classic steel frame. This iconic chair sits in its all original condition and brings an excellent character with it; having such a unique colour really helps this chair stands out!

The chair was originally designed solely as a rest stop for the king and queen of Spain in 1929 during the Barcelona international exposition, it was never intended to be produced for consumer purchase; the elegance of the design, however, said otherwise. The swooping ‘X’ frame that is the chair is left airy with only the leather straps to support the dense cushions that adorn it.

Individual Characteristics

The chair does show some signs of its well lived life. The cushions need a good clean and do show some small scuffs, cuts and scratches, but their being 100% original is the main attraction with them.

The steel frame is stood the test of time better, there are some light signs present, however, it must be remembered that this is over 40 years old, but they are still very strong and sturdy.

The label on the underside of the cushion is stamped 1979 and has the official Knoll logo on it.

Investment Value

The iconic Barcelona chair is as recognisable as the Eiffel tower and The Leaning Tower of Pisa. This fame has ensured that the vintage versions are definitely sought-after investment pieces. Naturally, condition and the colour combination can be determining factors in how much they are wanted, but as an all original, rather unique colour, this chair should be a good investment piece to own.