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White Flamiber Fabric Herman Miller Original Eames Oak Lounge Chair & Ottoman

Original price £5,495.00 - Original price £5,495.00
Original price
£5,495.00 - £5,495.00
Current price £5,495.00

Product Description

The iconic Eames lounge chair and ottoman just stepped into the 21st century. This original Herman Miller fabric on oak option is stunning and extremely modern! Being the tall version, this chair ticks all the right boxes when it comes to fitting into the modern household and with a brand new wood, it looks amazing!

Herman Miller are always seeking to ensure this iconic lounge chair set suits the modern age, and the introduction of new fabrics – including mohair supreme – and new wood finishes definitely makes sure this is the case. A step away from the traditional leather and darker woods, this new offering allows the user to sink into a warm fabric whilst enjoying the bright and airy feel of the wonderful oak wood.

Individual Characteristics

This is a great example of a new, lightly used, ex-display example of a new finish for this classic chair set. The fabric is in good condition with no cuts or tears and the oak wood only shows very minimal signs of use on it.

The sticker on the underside indicates it is a newer example of this iconic lounge chair.

Investment Value

The Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman set are always a great investment area; as a classic and well-known design they rarely see too much in the way of depreciation, if at all. Being a newer release, the uniqueness of this piece helps with its current investment status and, though more will be produced, we think that, as a 21st century offering, this will soon be as iconic as the black and rosewood version!