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White Herman Miller Original Eames EA335 Office Chairs Castor Base

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Product Description

An original, White leather EA335 ribbed 'low back' office chair by Eames for Herman Miller, complete with height adjustable 5-star rolling castor base. This classic colour is super sleek and this Eames aluminium 'management' range is no exception being perfect for the office.

These are a later addition to the Eames aluminium range which began life as both an indoor and outdoor chair. The design of these chairs makes them perfect for the office workspace due to their being comfortable, practical, and stylish chairs.

Individual Characteristics

The white office chair is in a good aged condition, the leather may show some signs of its age with some slight stress signs and signs of use around the edges - which is expected with these chairs, but a good clean with some nourishing cream will help keep these in a comfortably used condition. Additionally, there may be some slight marks on the curved edge on the chair - further images are available upon request. 

The label of the chair indicates that this chair was manufactured in 2011. 

Investment Details

The Eames Herman Miller Aluminium group have always been a popular piece for both collectors and for the average user. As an investment piece, as with many things, the older the better but as well used pieces, newer examples such as these can still be a good investment piece.