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White Herman Miller Original George Nelson Swag Leg Writing Desk

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Product Description

One of the most stylish and iconic desks of its time. The original George Nelson ‘swag leg’ desk for Herman Miller is absolutely perfect for home or office use! The desk has all you could need, small compartments, slide out drawers and now comes with the addition of a cable hole to meet modern demands!

The work desk is sometimes massively overlooked, after-all, it’s only function is to be used as a surface to ‘do work’ but when we step back and look at it we realise just what is required of the perfect work desk and this is precisely what George Nelson did. The compact design meant it was spacious enough for one person whilst also giving them all the space for their needs.

Comprising of two shelves and slide out drawers, the desk is perfect for storing all you need whilst allowing you to work comfortably on the main section and the ergonomic nature of the desk has helped see it retain its interest today and has even prompted Herman Miller to update it to meet modern requirements with the inclusion of the power cable section neatly tucked under the second shelf!

Individual Characteristics

The desk is a newer example, as highlighted by the large rectangular ‘Nelson’ label on the back, but it has been lightly used in its short life leading it to display some signs of this. As a work piece, however, this is to be expected and is relatively light. It does not show any signs of pen impressions on the surface either.

The desk measures: 99cm wide x 72cm deep x 88.5cm high.

Investment Value

The mid-century era was a melting pot for new and innovative ideas. Many designers re-designed commonplace or ordinary pieces to either develop something new or to improve upon it. Herman Miller was at the fore-front for producing many of these iconic pieces designed by some famous designers. George Nelson’s work found much success through Herman Miller and has become highly coveted due to its innovativeness and ingenuity. Though this is a newer example, it should still command a reasonable interest due to the popularity of the design.