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White Kerkmann Vintage Original Eames DTM-20 ‘Drop Leg’ Square Dining Table

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Product Description

A revolutionary design, this all original Eames DTM-20 ‘drop leg’ square dining table by Kaufmann is finished in the iconic, hard-wearing, white micarta finish. The ingenuity of the folding leg design allows this table to be safely stored away maximizing the space you have for the requirements you need.

A perhaps over-looked design, the versatility and creativity this table offered changed the way American homeowners thought about their living space. The ability to fold the table into a virtually flat position meant it could be put away with ease and then easily re-constructed upon demand. The wide array of finishes offered meant it could stylishly suit any environment whilst the quality of the materials ensured they were sturdy, dependable, tables.

Individual Characteristics

There are quite a few significant signs of age and use present, it is, after all, a 70+ year old table, but the structural integrity of it is impeccable. One of the clips may need to be slightly re-positioned to allow the leg to ‘click’ into it properly, but the rest still ‘click’ into place solidly and are easy to fold back down again.

The inscribed ‘DTM-20’ indicates this is an early example which was manufactured and distributed by Kerkmann Manufacturing.

Measures 34” square by 28.5” high.

Investment Details

The DTM table is one of the first dining table variants offered by the famous duo. The investment value of them is mainly determined by the material finish used on the table surface, followed closely by its condition. This table has endured a hard life and, whilst not being at the top of the investment tree, it is a great opportunity to own such a practical and iconic design piece for a reasonable price!