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About Us

Who are we?

All of us at can be described as many things! 

Words and phrases such as ... aficionados, wannabe experts, vintage hunters, mid century design lovers and above all complete and utter enthusiasts!

We hunt high and low for original and vintage designs by some of the most famous and inspiring designers working in the most prolific years of the 1900s. From vintage furniture to accessories and collectibles, we look for it all to bring it to our site and to yourselves.  

With our superb logistics and network of dealers, you will find that every single product on this site is 100% available to buy (we can not understand vintage sellers where more than half of the site are 'sold' items) and we can deliver at great prices all around most parts of Europe.

For any information you require about any of our items or about what we do, do not hesitate to get in touch with us at from the contact page. Investments

All purchases from will have immediate, short term and long term investment value. This is why it is rare we would list something that is made from non original or vintage materials (such as the later plastic versions of the shell chairs instead of the fiber ones for example)

Each product will have an investment star rating:

5 star ratings are already high level investments and are likely to be the rarest of pieces in the finest of conditions. They will of course continue to appreciate in value and are excellent items of high value and high potential.

4 star ratings, are in the same vain as 5 star items given that their rarity is high but perhaps the colour/type or condition prevents it from being in the very highest bracket. As with 5, 4 star items will continue to appreciate and are exceptional ways of investing.

3 star ratings are those with the highest potential to grow and have already some immediate rarity and value.

2 star rating are generally considered original pieces that can be considered to be highly functional, usable pieces that retain a good degree of value that will appreciate, albeit slower than the higher categories.

1 star rating are original vintage pieces that are most certainly fully functional and usable items, they will never lose their value but may appreciate much slower that other categories. Essentials is owned and operated by Retro Mid Century LTD., which is a UK registered company number 10279128. We list second hand and used pieces from numerous designers. We are not licensed dealers of new pieces and only use designer's names for reference purposes to accurately describe the piece that is being listed.

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