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Black Pair (2) Fritz Hansen Original Kjaerholm PK22 Lounge Chairs

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Product Description

There is something effortlessly elegant in the original Kjaerholm PK22 lounge chair made by Fritz Hansen and offered here in black leather and steel frame. Inspired by Mies Van Der Rohe; these chairs utilize the best materials in a luxurious, yet simplistic style creating some stylish and comfortable lounge chairs.

First introduced in 1956, the chair saw a limited run before being re-introduced by Fritz Hansen who have since produced it religiously and to much interest. It’s continued popularity has seen it be produced in various colours of leather, still adhering to the original ethos of high quality materials, and has meant the chair is a comfortable option for any home or reception waiting area.

Individual Characteristics

The chairs are 25 years old and the condition does gently reflect this. Coming from a private home, the chairs have been well loved and cared for though do display some light abrasions likely made from the family cat enjoying them too. The leather is still taut and, with the cats own enjoyment being seen lightly across the surface, is not ripped or torn.

The steel is still very strong with no chips in it but will look even better after a gentle clean and polish.

The label on the underside indicates the chairs were produced in 1999 and the embossed metal stamp confirms their originality.

Investment Details

Poul Kjaerholm was a very popular designer and designed a wide array of furniture which was loved all over Europe. The original chairs were only produced in a limited number and so the interest in these is very much increasing, but, with Fritz Hansen’s involvement from the late 80s, the popularity of the chair increased due to the number of them being produced increasing. This means that, as an investment piece, these should prove to be reasonable chairs to invest in.