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Black Herman Miller Original Chadwick And Stumpf Aeron B Office Chair

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Product Description

Voted America’s bestselling chair in 2010, this is style B of the original Herman Miller Aeron Ergonomic Desk Chair by Chadwick and Stumpf and it is comfortable! The curved shape to the back rest coupled with the flexible plastic frame means this chair really moulds to your bodies form allowing you to sit in comfort!

First introduced in 1994, the three versions of the chair, A, B and C were simply added into Herman Miller’s line-up as an alternative office/desk chair, but steadily, it became more widely known just how good they were at doing this. An office/desk chair must be able to support the user, comfortably, all day, and this is precisely what Chadwick and Stumpf were able to provide in these iconic chairs.

Individual Characteristics

The chair has been used for the exact purpose it was designed for though sparingly; there is little signs of age to the mesh finish and only minor, surface, marks on the arms. The plastic base and castors do have some slight signs of use to them but as a workhorse, this is to be expected.

The tilt adjustability and lumber support functions still work perfectly as does the swivel too. The height adjustment works, but the system may need re-gassing to ensure its maximum performance.

The Herman Miller logo can be seen stamped into the top of the backrest at the back of the chair.

As version B of this chair, it measures 109cm High (adjustable) x 65.8cm wide x 59.8cm depth.

Investment Details

Pieces designed for the workspace or for working environments can be harder to define when it comes to investment pieces. As working pieces, they tend to see harsher use than domestic pieces and are therefore seen as more consumable in their usage. The iconic nature of the revolutionary design by Chadwick and Stumpy does aid this in being a reasonable investment piece, however, but at the very least you will have the opportunity to own and use what is quite possibly one of the most comfortable office/desk chairs in the world!