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Brilliant White Herman Miller Original Eames DSR Side Shell Chair

Original price £245.00 - Original price £245.00
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£245.00 - £245.00
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Product Description

This beautiful, re-introduced, bright white original Herman Miller Eames fiberglass side shell chair looks remarkable on this newer black DSR Eiffel base. The Eames shell chairs are a well-known and much loved chair and this bright white newer version is a perfect example as to why that is the case. 

The success of these chairs has been proven by the continuous production time they have seen. From their origin in the 1950s, new bases, upholstered variants and even inspired variants such as the La Fonda ensured these chairs have cemented themselves in the history books with their iconic design. The strength of popularity saw Herman Miller re-introduce them in the original fiberglass finish and they have proven to be just as sought-after.

Individual Characteristics

With this gorgeous top being a newer example, its condition is very good with no chips or cracks. The shock mounts look like they have been replaced and so differ to those shown in the images, further images are available upon request.

The logo found on the underside of the shells describes this top as originating from the Herman Miller Factory in Michigan.

Investment Details

The investment value of the shell top series depends upon the age of the shell, the age of the base, the rarity of the shell colour, the factory of origin and, of course, the condition. As a newer example of Eames’s iconic chair, this top is beautiful. The new edition of the Herman Miller top will be a slow investment but should appreciate steadily.