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Brown Vitra Original Eames Upholstered DSR Dining Side Shell Chair

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Product Description

A Vitra original Eames brown upholstered white side shell sits upon this newer, used black DSR Eiffel base making an iconic example of this beautiful chair. Produced in Europe, Vitra is the household name for mid-century furniture and, under license, produced the Eames products that we all know and love for here.

Being granted a license meant Vitra could introduce the Eames products to Europe ranging from the humble shell chair all the way through to the Lounge Chair and Ottoman. Their attention to detail and ability to produce the products to Herman Miller’s standard ensured the popularity of the Eames products, so much so they are still being produced by them today!

Individual Characteristics

The fiberglass shell is in a good aged condition with no cracks or dents and the brown fabric displays no cuts, tears or lifting.

The ‘Vitra’ label on the underside confirms this shell was produced by them.

Investment Details

The Eames shells are a great investment piece, but many factors affect how valuable they are. The origin of the shell, its age and even the colour can have an effect on its value. The condition of the upholstery and shell on this particular chair aids with its investment value.