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Summer sale now on! Just place any item in your basket to enjoy 10% off your order!
Summer sale now on! Just place any item in your basket to enjoy 10% off your order!

Ochre Herman Miller Vintage Eames RAR Rocking Arm Chair

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Product Description

We are pleased to offer this original vintage ochre Eames rocking arm chair for Herman Miller sitting proudly on its fantastic newer, used, light ash RAR base. The golden finish of the shell is complimented by the light, natural finish of the base and creates a truly stunning chair that is waiting to adorn your home.

Early shells are defined by their highly fibrous finish, but as the dying process improved, the strength and depth of the colour improved too. The bases the shells were offered on also expanded as their popularity grew. A popular choice of base for the arm shell, the rocking base was only available for a limited time. After 1968 it was only offered to employees who were expecting children – the accompanying arm shell will then feature a name a date plaque for the child screwed to the back.

Individual Characteristics

Being a vintage chair, it is expected that there are some signs of age related wear present, but this shell chair has stood up to the test of time rather well! There are some light natural abrasions around the edges, but this is very minimal. The colour has held up well too.

The double triangle logo on the underside of the shell indicates it was produced at the GATC factory for Herman Miller between 1959 and 1962.

Investment Details

The Eames shell chair remains an indisputably sought-after piece, evident in its consistent production over the years with only a short break. This widespread appeal naturally creates curiosity, leading to increased investment interest influenced by variables like age, condition, rarity, and other factors such as colour. Though ochre is not deemed to be one of the highest sought-after colours, the condition of this chair should see it be a good ‘starter’ investment piece.