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Orange Herman Miller Original Eames RAR Arm Shell Chair

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Product Description

A staple to the Eames fiberglass series, this original orange arm shell chair for Herman Miller sits proudly on its used, newer, walnut wood RAR rocking base. The classic combination creates the perfect statement piece that will light up any room it is sat in with its vibrant orange finish.

The history of the Eames shell is well known. The diversity of the chair is the making of its own success but when it comes to the vintage chairs it is not just the revolutionizing design that captures the interest it is also the colour. Whilst orange is one of the more common colours that were produced, the nature of it meant that vintage shells aged in a unique way.

This particular shell is gorgeous. The distinctive aged orange is finely balanced by the flecks of the fibres, indicating this is an older shell. On its used RAR base, this chair will prove to be a bold statement no matter where it is placed.

Individual Characteristics

The shell is still as strong as the day it was produced. There are no cracks but there is a very small dint in the seat section – further images available – which does not detract from the finish or usability of the shell but is noticeable. The orange has managed to retain a decent strong colour.

The ‘S’ within the circle indicates this shell was produced in Herman Miller’s Summit Plastics factory.

Investment Details

The investment value of Eames shells depends on so many varying factors. The age, condition, colour and even originality of the base can all help determine the investment value of the shell. Orange is a slightly more common version of the iconic shell, but with all of them they age in their own unique way. Being a very nice example of a classic colour, it may be on the lower side of the investment scale, but it makes for a wonderful starter chair.